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IP Tutorial is a place for

IP professionals, startups, independent inventors, SMEs, students and company executives

who want to build the intangible skill set required to deliver high-level intellectual property outcomes.

How do we teach?

Our platform is designed to teach IP knowledge and professional training.


Interactive and engaging e-learning experience created to provide applied knowledge. The curriculums will be updated and regulated based on students’ feedback.


Real case base learning that combines all the disciplines and the tacit skill sets required to become a world-class IP professional.

Strategy games

IPT platform users will acquire IP knowledge through a comprehensive, gamified Edtech experience.

3 Learning Pathways

Each pathway is a learning theme. They will help the learner towards applied learning. The subject of IP is a minefield with many nuances, it is important to know how the knowledge you acquire can be used and relevant in practical ways.

Create IP assetsCapture IP assetsCommercialise IP assets

Create IP assets

helps you understand the essence of creating IP and the heuristics of developing strong IP candidates that generate value.

Capture IP assets

focuses on the areas of IP management that involve protection strategies - the where what and how of IP protection.

Commercialise IP assets

teaches you how to maximise the potential of the IP that has been created and captured by extracting both strategic and economic value from it.

Explore learning paths


Our platform is designed to teach IP knowledge and professional training.

Trademark Economy™

Teaches principles every small business should know about registered trademarks. The course is designed to empower learners to seize control of their IP assets and maximise the value of their trademarks.

The Patent Worker™

The course teaches systemic mining of IP portfolios for both inbound and outbound opportunities. It is aimed at developing a unique skill set known as Patent work.

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IP knowledge and IP professional training

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